How Will You Find Your Big Sexy Idea?

If there is such a thing as a silver lining with COVID, it’s this: the pandemic has created existential crisis for organizations.

Their raison d’etre is being challenged, and may even be falling on deaf ears. Tradition is no longer a valid criteria for investing in a market or for growth mapping.

And in some cases, tradition is more of a hindrance than a help. It may no longer valued–Just ask your customers and your most disengaged employees.

Your company’s purpose and value may need a refresh right now, just to help you remain relevant and profitable.

I witnessed many courageous CMO and CEO clients confronting this harsh, pandemic-driven reality ever since COVID emerged last March. That’s why I decided to dedicate the entire month of November to the topic.

My Mindful Marketer Life Streams on LinkedIn have focused on helping you define, design and re-launch your marketing purpose. The question on every mindful leader’s mind is: How effectively are we driving revenue growth by doing work that makes us proud? (shout out to the Prophet of Purpose, Lisa McLeod!)

Last week (part 2) explored how leaders can design the Big Sexy Idea that galvanizes your stakeholders around a refreshed purpose. Mark Levy, the authority on marketing innovation, joined me for a lively LinkedIn discussion. This is the replay.

Here are the highlights:

2:19 – The Purpose Trifecta: define, design and deploy

10:17 – The importance of approaching new ideas indirectly

14:17 – How to escape your normal way of thinking

23:15 – How to keep your creative juices flowing during COVID

25:49 – Ways to cultivate insatiable curiosity

32: 12 – Techniques to help your organization be bold and courageous

34:14 – Tactics for using stories to share your Big Sexy Idea

40:35 – Avoiding imposter syndrome

41:00 – Why big, sexy ideas are being born right now

Join us for our final session on Friday, November 20. Nancie Ruder, the CEO of Noetic Consultants and brand strategist extraordinaire, will outline the essential ingredients to deploying your Big Sexy Idea. We love these life streams because we take live audience questions! Just follow me on LinkedIn. At 1:30 pm ET, type #lnlive in the LinkedIn search bar. You’ll join the stream!

More good news! For those free hours you’ll have over the holidays…

We are launching several new education programs for your “on the go” lifestyle. Cooking? Driving? Painting? Mountain Climbing? Take my audio courses with you. Visit and join the wait list for my new course, The Power of Community. Details coming in early December!

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