Are you familiar with your “rapid customer value” equation?

Want to know more, and improve your “rapid customer value” equation? Contact me for the case study.

Many CMOs and CEOs ask me how I help clients (especially marketers) leap from “order takers” to growth champions. It starts with looking at your team’s culture and growth mindset and taking steps to improve your “rapid customer value”.

Michael Taylor and I recently worked with a $1B+ organization facing stagnant revenue growth in a key customer segment.

Their dedicated, yet overworked digital and marketing teams had too many priorities and witnessed slow customer value delivery cycles. Sometimes, “pilot projects” took as many as 7 months to complete.

Within just a few weeks we gave them the rocket fuel to accelerate team alignment, uncover barriers, and clarify places to deliver value more quickly to prospects and customers.

What made them succeed? Three things:

1. They encouraged candid debate at all levels, and discouraged “looking good.” This created greater trust in the planning sessions and a willingness to let go of decades-old traditions.
2. They co-created a future vision of a more aligned, customer centered organization that everyone could understand and support.
3. They were open to how peers in other industries were succeeding, and took our insights and learnings to heart. We brought them fresh perspectives from top CX, Marketing and Growth leaders at name brands (TIME, #ParkMobile, The Great Courses, and others).

Want to know more, and improve your “rapid customer value” equation? Contact me to discuss the case study or click here to read the case study.

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