Designing the Mindful Workplace:  The 2022 Reset

For marketing leaders, 2021 was a year to remember—and not repeat! 

Customer expectations shifted rapidly. Some great marketers left their lofty roles to be their own bosses. In fact, recent Labor Department data show that the number of unincorporated self-employed workers has risen by 500,000 since the pandemic

Many top team members either resigned or re-tooled, leaving costly gaps.

One of my top clients, for example, had to delay a new product launch valued at $1B because of talent gaps and burned-out teams.  

This is a great time to reflect…What have we learned? What no longer works in our market? What are my (new or existing) superpowers? How can those be helpful inside or outside of our organization? How can I re-energize my team in 2022? 

In my latest episode, I’m joined by Jeff Perkins, the CEO of ParkMobile in Atlanta, GA. He shares his recent career move from CMO to CEO. In addition, we discuss how you can: 

  • Position yourself for the C-Suite in 2022 – with intention
  • Escape “resume regurgitation” on LinkedIn 
  • Create mindful team rituals to preserve people and profits
  • Lead with confidence through disruptive times

Tune in this episode of The Mindful Marketer show —

The 2022 Reset: Designing The Mindful Workplace with guest Jeff Perkins. Watch the replay on YouTube.

Some key episode moments include: 

[00:06:11] How Jeff made the successful move from CMO to CEO. Recently promoted to the head of ParkMobile, Jeff brings his deep roots in marketing and brand-building (both personal and company-wide) to the role. He helped ParkMobile reach record-breaking user acquisition transaction growth in early 2020. Then the pandemic happened. Hear how they managed through that sudden shift, and how he stepped forward to make a bigger difference.

 [00:10:30] ParkMobile’s mission went far beyond “adding users and making money.” “(The past two years) were a very challenging time for us to stay relevant with our users. Yet we ensured that we still did some good in the communities that we serve.” Perkins showcased the importance of their civic efforts, and the five-figure impact it had in the communities they serve.

[00:17:09] Look beyond your current function if you want to build your career. Jeff does not believe in staying in your lane. “I want to really understand all the different parts of the business. I worked as the CMO, yet I work very closely with the CFO and our Operations people. I do things that often traditional marketers are confused by.”

[00:19:50] To recruit and attract top talent, first build and foster a strong peer network for yourself. You need a team to take you where you need to go, and you’re only going to be as strong as the people with whom you surround yourself.  

Perkins takes pride in building with top talent sourced through his network, not recruiters. Instead, he asserts, “We have built the team by asking peers to recommend really good people that have (later) become rock stars within our organization.”

In addition, Perkins was a founding member of the Marketing Growth Leaders, our private CMO peer community. He often turned to our other members (and me) to help him fill key roles, and address demand generation challenges. 

[00:24:56] Your personal growth evolves from your willingness to help others. Look at your community — build and fortify it. The most successful CMOs prioritize connection and ensure to reach out as needed. Perkins stays very active in the Atlanta business community and the TechStars mentoring program.

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[00:25:28] Remember the Three Keys to Longevity. As marketing leaders, we need to be reminded from time to time so that we certainly don’t forget to pursue what brings us happiness and help us align with our greater purpose.

[00:30:49] Great marketers still struggle to get promoted because they do a stellar job at helping their employers grow–but neglect their own personal brand. Consider the best ways to shape your own story and elevate your brand platform this new year. Consider re-designing your LinkedIn profile. For most CMOs, their profiles read like resume regurgitations. This is a lost opportunity to tell your story.

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[00:34:46] Two things MARKETERS  can improve in 2022:

#1 – Find Your Ideal Forums. Burying your accomplishments in an online resume will not do much for you, but being able to get in front of an audience, write a blog post about an effective campaign that you completed, or how you built a team.

#2 – Rebuild Your LinkedIn Profile Setup. LinkedIn is not your virtual resume but your virtual portfolio. Building it that way is so critical for any marketing leader.  Need inspiration? Check out Amy Shioji’s virtual portfolio here. Jeff’s profile also inspires.

Listen to the replay on Stitcher. 

With reflection and intention as our guides, it is possible to build a more mindful and energized workplace in 2022. I take comfort in knowing that leaders like Jeff Perkins are leading the way.

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