The New Narrative: Dr. Matthews Joins Our CLIC ’22 Faculty

Marketing innovation often requires you to design a brand new narrative. Dr. Matthews will share how IAAM will achieve that.

Dr. Tonya Matthews, CEO, International African American Museum
Dr. Tonya Matthews, CEO, International African American Museum

Marketing innovation is about applying creativity to improve your stakeholders’ condition. It requires us to challenge our established beliefs and assumptions. It often also demands that we learn from our past as a way to inform our future.  We often need to set aside the past, and begin with a clean slate. This process helps us design an empowering narrative to guide us forward. It bolsters our resilience.

That’s the underlying theme of our 6th annual CMOs Leading Innovation Conference (CLIC ’22): “Growth Curves Ahead: The Resilient CMO.”
We’re gathering in historic Charleston, South Carolina at the International African American Museum. Dr. Tonya Matthews, their new CEO, has joined our CLIC ’22 faculty and will provide us with a “behind the scenes” VIP museum tour.

African American history, and the painful, complex narrative behind the U.S. slave trade, may not seem connected to our annual conference theme. Gadsden’s Wharf in Charleston marks the spot where slave ships parked, and at least 100,000 slaves disembarked. These important stories  invite us to deepen our understanding of history in order to create new, more inclusive narratives. Dr. Tonya and her IAAM team are in the throes of designing, promoting and reinforcing the museum’s mission in the years ahead.

Tonya’s first year with IAAM as a “chief narrative officer” will inspire us and provide a first hand look at how innovation has the power to change our society, families, and organizations for the better. Hear and see what Tonya will be covering at the kickoff:

If you are a growth leader, marketing leader, or CEO who values innovative thinking and rich peer conversations, don’t miss this conference. Leaders from AARP, Coca-Cola, CoStar, Sandboxx, Schneider Electric, and Walker & Dunlop have already confirmed.

You can register here before September 1.  As of today, only three rooms remain.

What new narratives can we help you shape for your organization?

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