ChatGPT Moved Our Cheese

Thanks to AI and new customer content preferences, the gap between content aggregators and thought leaders is rapidly widening.

Lisa Nirell and Ginger Conlon tackling content and thought leadership challenges...
Lisa Nirell and Ginger Conlon tackling content and thought leadership challenges...

Everybody’s talking about ChatGPT. This AI tool, a content creator’s new friend, brings consternation as well as celebration.

Thanks to AI and new customer content preferences, your current thought leadership and content strategies face disruption. The gap between content aggregators and thought leaders will only grow—and you don’t want to be stuck in the aggregator category forever.

Why should this topic matter to you? Three reasons:

ChatGPT, tougher privacy rules, and a growing demand for differentiation.

This triple threat  can decimate well intended thought leadership and content strategies.

Job cuts are affecting several industries, as well as your ability to stand out. just reported that the number of tech layoffs grew 10x between 2021-2022. That means you will find fewer job opportunities than in 2021. In order to differentiate from other applicants, you need to be a thought leader in your market.

My special guest for Episode 68, Ginger Conlon, helped us address these dynamics. Click here to watch (36 minutes).

The NEW Rules of Content & Thought Leadership with Ginger Conlon

Here’s what we covered…

  • The distinction between content strategy and thought leadership
  • The pros and cons of TikTok
  • Concrete ways to use ChatGPT (and AI in general) in your business
  • The pitfalls of ChatGPT
  • Measuring ROI for your content and thought leadership efforts

Ginger is the thought leadership Director at Genesys, a 6000-person cloud-based customer support tech company. She’s also the co-host of the “Tech Talks in 20” podcast. Like me, she is also a fitness fanatic who loves to educate others on passion. Check out these links and show notes from this episode:

Don’t let someone else move your cheese. Grab a few slices, test them out, then serve up a new strategy. Your stakeholders will thank you.

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P.S. Please enjoy these show notes and valuable links:

Content marketing leaders to watch

TikTok trouble?

Handy quote from Scott Galloway’s January Prof G podcast: “TikTok is the ultimate propaganda tool…two-thirds of all millennials would turn off ALL cable and social media in favor of TikTok.” Their parent, Byte Dance, is on the path to a $1T valuation.

TikTok is cleaning Google’s, Meta’s, and Amazon’s ad clock (and grabbing ad budget chunks). Click here for the Wall Street Journal analysis (free).

CXL blog on TikTok marketing:

TikTok for Business data sheet on consumer purchasing:

On Writing Well

Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less (Vandehei & Schwartz, authors)

Stakeholders no longer have the time nor patience for long form messages, emails, and marketing communications. This book will help you shift from loquacious to laconic messaging. The Axios co-founders got this one right.

AI & ChatGPT

“20 uses for ChatGPT” article:

CNET article on ChatGPT:

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