3 Marketing Leader Mindset Essentials (new video)

Learn 3 essential marketing leader mindset qualities

I recently teamed up with EBSCO to further my mission: to help mindful leaders and CEOs cultivate healthier companies.

We’re launching a video series to help EVERY marketer and CEO tackle a thorny challenge:

During these disruptive times, how do you cultivate a career and a company that you love?

I know it’s not an easy time to answer that question.

The pace of societal and technological change (ChatGPT and bard.ai), coupled with the pressures of the efficiency era, feels intense.

It’s so loud that I’m hosting two generative AI work groups to jump the learning curve. This is essential for me to bring greater value to my clients. Together, we share concerns, case studies, and strategy frameworks to help our clients.

Yet, in spite of my best efforts, some of my clients have simply left the industry. They suffer from burnout. They want to reinvent themselves.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right mindset and community, you can thrive.

Since 2011, I have helped over 150 marketing leaders build a new path to growth—not growth at any cost, but growth that incorporates customer centricity, purpose, and profit.

In this video series, you will find myriad ways I have helped people go further, faster. I talk about the results from our CMO peer groups, executive coaching, books, my streaming shows (#linkedinlive), podcast, and more.

In this first video, you’ll learn 3 essential marketing leader mindset qualities…

Courage: the willingness to get fired when you tell the truth. (you’ll love my story about Suzanne!)

Curiosity: seeing around corners; asking “what if?”, looking for patterns in different cultures and industries, embracing a growth mindset (Garry Ridge is a favorite avatar of mine!)

Discipline: building moral character through self-control. The antithesis of discipline? WeWork (R.I.P).

This 3-minute video explains further.

What are your marketing mindset superpowers? Drop me a note.

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P.S. A BIG thank you to Accel-5 stars — Tad GoltraAlisha Bruno and Taavo Godtfredsen. You brought my mission to life!

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