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How Marketers Can Be an Ally for Truth.

Photo courtesy of Marisa Cali.
Photo courtesy of Marisa Cali.

You know me for sharing strategy ideas, hosting marketing innovation cohorts, and showcasing our bold coaching clients.

This post carries a more somber, yet important theme: Across every institution, facts are under attack.

Why it matters?

We are currently barraged with an unprecedented number of global events and fast-paced career disruptions. They often shock and disturb us.

And without a passion for discovering the truth, we may unknowingly be contributing to the chaos. We might share or forward misinformation without knowing it. In our innocent quest for being helpful, we are feeding into a false narrative.

Some media and tech leaders stoke polarization. AI hallucination, heightened emotions, and nefarious bots can spread misinformation.

In the world of business—where we live, lead, and grow– the zealous quest for market dominance and ad revenues also can chip away at the priceless value of brand trust. We are sometimes guilty of causing brand battles and deceiving customers.

Customer advocates are striking back. They are targeting advertisers who cross the line from puffery to deceit. The Associated Press recently reported that class action lawsuits against food and beverage companies have seen a fourfold increase since 2010.

Imagine the stress on our court system, and on customers who indirectly see the results in the form of higher prices (yes, us!). Even though a New York judge recently dismissed a class action lawsuit against McDonald’s and Wendy’s for false advertising, it did not matter. The damage had already been done.

Personally, I sometimes find the unforgivable terrorist acts, unethical political maneuvers, and media outlet manipulation stories exhausting. The daily news has become nanosecond news. Dopamine hit one. Dopamine hit two.

Unless I stop, pause, and step away from the speed train, my head begins to feel as if it will explode. My well-being begins to suffer.

Can you relate?

If you can, let’s work together and agree on one thing. Let’s focus on what we can control. Let’s practice being more discerning and curious.

In exchange for your continued engagement in this conversation, I will pass along what I am learning along the way.

During my upcoming private C-Suite cohorts, livestreams and podcasts, I will continue to showcase mindful leaders who practice these qualities and seek out the truth.  We are rapidly approaching our 80th show. I simply love bringing this value and time-saving tips to you.

Marketers, CEOs, and authors who know how to build better companies and careers will fill our 2024 lineup. They’re not grievance grabbers and attention-seekers. They are action figures and wisdom-keepers.

Here’s my recent proud moment. In episode 77. we hosted Former Inc., Money, and FastCompany CEO Eric Schurenberg in the studio to address “How Marketers Can Be an Ally for Truth.”

Eric, a fellow 100 Coaches colleague, currently leads the Alliance for Trust in Media.

Photo courtesy of Marisa Cali.

This episode is packed with strategies to improve your search for the truth, including:

  1. Integrating the Wisdom Pyramid in your daily decisions. (see below; credit to Chip Conley from Episode 67)
  2. The three questions every leader needs to ask to verify information:
    • Is this designed to trigger an emotional response?
    • How likely could this be true?
    • What if I pause before sharing it?
  3. The danger of “talking your book.” This happens when we toot a customer’s, advertiser’s, or partner’s horn without fully disclosing the nature of the relationship. Some analysts and podcast hosts are shameless about this. Their shows don’t make it to my playlist.
  4. Eric’s daily “truth training” habits.
  5. BONUS: fun pilot stories from Eric and Lisa (31:20).


Watch full episode here (36 minutes)

The Data to Wisdom Pyramid

I believe it is possible to preserve our brand, cultivate customer trust, and restore civil discourse—one leader at a time.

Will that include you?

P.S. From November 1-13, I will enjoy some off the e-grid time. I’m preparing for CLIC ’23 (details below) and the Thinkers50 Awards Gala in London. I’ll be back, rested and refreshed–and carrying my truth torch.

More learning bonuses:

  1. CMOs Leading Innovation Conference (CLIC ’23) – details and registration here:
  2. “The OnRamp to Market Leadership” Webinar – contains slides and more insights on mindful leadership in challenging times. Click here:
  3. Listen to Eric’s “In Reality” podcast:
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