Are you ready for serious work?

What if, in 2024, you skipped the “normal/waiting for life to happen TO me” mode, and shifted to “intentional” mode?

Join us for CLIC '24
Join us for CLIC '24

Happy 2024!

It feels great to be back in my writer’s room. Thanks for joining me here!

The first few weeks of January often reveal predictable behaviors. This week, have you noticed how people have officially bounced back from sugar highs and family lows?

About 10 days passed. Then it was “game on” at work.

Right now, it’s easy to be sucked back into that vortex of activity; that’s normal.

But what if, in 2024, you skipped the “normal/waiting for life to happen TO me” mode, and shifted to “intentional” mode?

Hundreds of my followers were curious enough to find out last week, when our 80th livestream and podcast dropped. We dove deeply into this question, and unveiled six mindful questions to help you design the year ahead with intention.

Several agreed with Picasso’s adage “without great solitude, no serious work is possible.”

And, as you know, jumping back into Crazy Town undermines those possibilities.

To that end, I wanted to share some ways we might work together this year.

Why now? Because January is the ideal time to kick start question #6 in my list of Mindful Questions: Ten years from now, what is one thing you will regret if you do not learn or do it now?

In addition to my executive leadership coaching, CMO coaching, and keynotes, here are three optional ways we could work together:

  1. Escape isolation and set clearer priorities with Marketing Growth Leaders™ peer community. Today’s volatile world has caused indecision, over-commitment and burnout. We help you navigate with greater ease and confidence. Now celebrating our 12th year. Details and application here.
  2. Cultivate and deploy fresh ideas from peers outside your industry and accelerate innovation at the CMOs Leading Innovation Conference (CLIC ’24). Two sessions available: May 1-2 (New York City) and November 7-10 (MEA Santa Fe, NM). 

    In Santa Fe, I will be co-leading “The Midlife Innovator” retreat with Chip Conley. He is the co-founder of the world’s first midlife wisdom school and author of the just-released Learning to Love Midlife. You may have seen him on Monday on Good Morning America.CLIC ’24 marks our 8th year. We attract returning digital and marketing luminaries from AARP, Alliance Bernstein, CoStar, HomeServe USA, Schneider Electric, Solidcore, and more. Complete this short Interest Form here. More details coming soon!

  3. Boost your career confidence and connections with The On Ramp CMO Network.Creating the career you love takes time and energy. Yet many people choose the “rinse and repeat” method—often leading to boredom or burnout.If you are a marketing leader in transition, or ready to make a big career move, our private cohort can help here. 

    You get unlimited access to our monthly virtual coaching sessions, unlimited email coaching, online member channel, 18,000+ community friends and followers, and targeted introductions to select leaders. We step you through a proven six-stage process to design the career you love—and spend less time chasing the wrong opportunities. Contact me for details.

Now is the ideal moment to set aside that reflective time (Picasso was onto something!). Celebrate what you have learned over the past year, and what you will regret if you do not learn or share it NOW.

If any of these options sound right for you, let’s connect.

For now, I’m headed to Red Rock for a much-needed nature hike.

See you next month!

P.S. Thank you for being a loyal reader and show follower. We are already entering our 4th year of producing The Mindful Marketer! If you feel so moved, please post a review on iTunes. Let’s help more market leaders build healthy companies and careers!

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