MAC Summit 2020 – Resources for CMOs and Marketing Leaders

  • Why You Need to be a Mindful Marketer” (Video podcast)
    In a recent episode of SkyeTeam’s People First! podcast, Lisa sat down with Morag Barrett to explore what it means to be human during the pandemic and what mindful marketers share in common.
  • Active Recovery: Prepare Now for the Post-Covid World
    Much like recovering from an intense workout, an active recovery mindset and habits are essential to help us rapidly shift from survival to revival mode—especially during recessions.
  • The Mindful Marketing Meter
    How mindful is your marketing approach? Take this 2 minute survey for a snapshot of your organization’s level of mindful growth planning and marketing.

You can also join our LinkedIn Livestreams on the first 3 Fridays of the month from 1:30-2:10 pm ET (just follow Lisa on LinkedIn to be notified when she goes live). Here are a few replays from past sessions.

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