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Technical guidelines for making Lisa’s session powerful and memorable

Lisa will help your audience reach higher performance goals, attract more of the ideal customers, focus on high-reward marketing planning activities and campaigns, advice and position their organization for long-term success.  Here are guidelines to ensure your conference or workshop will run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Lisa will bring her own computer and VGA adapter to the event. She uses a Windows (Dell) laptop running PowerPoint software. Her presentation does not run on any other computer but hers.
  • Please provide a standard VGA cable.
  • Standard audio out is also required, as Lisa may choose to include relevant videos for the session. AC power should be within six feet of the computer.
  • Please ask your Audio Visual team to set up the screens to allow for a 16:9 widescreen presentation format display.
  • For any group more than 25 people, Lisa will need a wireless clip-on microphone with a belt pack. Please be sure that you have tested it on all areas of the stage for volume and for feedback. Please avoid providing her with a handheld microphone or a podium microphone.
  • If you will be using iMag, which projects an image of the speaker on several large screens, it must be set up so that least one screen shows nothing but Lisa’s slides, while one or more carry the image of Lisa speaking to the audience.
  • Lisa’s prefers to use a remote control for showing the presentation. The laptop should be set up within sight and no more than 20 feet of the most distant point where she will be standing. A table is recommended.
  • Lisa’s laptop must stay in her possession at all times. She cannot surrender it to your team on the day of the event. She is happy to schedule the time to work with your team for AV check. We recommend that the sound check is completed at least 45 minutes before she takes the stage to ensure all is working well.

Additional suggestions to optimize event impact and reach

  • Lisa will provide you with a brief intro prior to the event. This helps ensure the introduction goes smoothly and all details are accurate and confirmed. Please ensure that whoever will be introducing her has reviewed the intro and is comfortable with it at least thirty minutes prior to the start of her presentation.
  • Please request that no flash photos are taken during Lisa’s presentation including from event photographers. Flash photos are fine before and after the presentation.
  • Lisa is happy to provide a copy of her slides following her session. Please coordinate with Lisa prior to the event date. In addition, if agreed in advance, you can record Lisa’s session for internal, non-resale distribution with a high-quality copy to Lisa within 30 days following the event.
  • Giving attendees the chance to connect with Lisa and other event attendees, share thoughts and discuss the presentation creates a great energy as well as a break before the next presentation. Fifteen minutes is generally ample.
  • Please provide Lisa with any event Twitter hashtags and other social page links as needed prior to the event. She will do her best to incorporate before, during and after the event on her social pages. Photos of Lisa speaking, quotes from the presentation and video can also be used on Lisa’s social pages to help promote and market the event.
  • Please feel free to remind the audience of any social Internet hashtags, event social pages, etc. These help drive social conversations and activity. Moderators can reiterate during intro and Q&A.
  • The size of your audience will drive Q&A scheduling and timing. If your group is larger than 100, please request attendees prep questions in advance. They can either present to the moderator in advance or present in line following the event.

Contact Lisa at 703 888 1280 or lisa@energizegrowth.com if any questions arise.

Here’s a stellar event!