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Patricia_Wheeler_200 The term "best practices" is SOOO yesterday.

In this guest post from Patricia Wheeler of The Levin Group, you will hear why.She proffers three strategies you can implement immediately to ensure you are defining the next big thing, and avoid falling behind the leadership curve. Without these strategies, you will find your products and services becoming commodities faster than the hottest song from Lady Gaga.


C.K. Prahalad is one of those few global business luminaries who demonstrated a sincere willingness to support my new business initiatives. He lived and breathed innovation. Last month, he generously agreed to an interview for this blog.  Sadly, this interview will never happen due to his sudden passing.  Yet his influence will affect millions in the long-term.

CK_Prahalad_Marshall_Goldsmith_ March 17 2010

C.K. Prahalad and Marshall Goldsmith, March 2010 (photo courtesy of Anil Kripalani)

C.K. has impacted my professional work in three areas. I trust these may apply to other business developers and executives as well:

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