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It's time to break up with lame templates to engage people

How many other companies are using lame content marketing (or influencer marketing) strategy to promote their business, report, or book? 

Today, more than a week since Seventh Generation CEO Jeffrey Hollender was "let go" (read: fired) from the company he founded, this announcement arrived in my inbox:


photo courtesy of Tom Starkweather/Bloomberg

Read this carefully crafted message. Here's the gist: "Our co-founder Jeffrey Hollender's employment relationship with the company has ended."

How much does this feel like it's coming from a corporate legal team versus an entrepreneurial, trail-blazing, transparent company? And what message does this send to the hundreds of thousands of Seventh Generation devotees? These announcements teach us important lessons about the often painful transition from startup to growth mode.

Few of us could ever predict when the rotting tree in our company is going to collapse. To make matters worse, even fewer of us know where the rotting trees are located. As a result, sales stagnate, clients leave, and innovation halts.


Patricia_Wheeler_200 The term "best practices" is SOOO yesterday.

In this guest post from Patricia Wheeler of The Levin Group, you will hear why.She proffers three strategies you can implement immediately to ensure you are defining the next big thing, and avoid falling behind the leadership curve. Without these strategies, you will find your products and services becoming commodities faster than the hottest song from Lady Gaga.