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We face a plethora of negative economic news every day. How can we build a successful business strategy when we are bombarded by nay-sayers?  I looked under the covers and found encouraging signs of growth.  Act on them before your competitors do.

Here are just a few, and some strategies for capitalizing on them.

Welcome to the new millennium!
Within the past 30 days, I have logged 5,500 airline miles and interacted with over 100 business leaders from Providence to Portland. Everywhere I travel, I am encouraged.  Executives are expressing optimism and hope for 2010.  Even leaders from the top banks– one of the most conservative (and precarious) sectors of our economy — are investing again in growth and innovation.
Maintaining a positive outlook is a good start.  Yet few companies are clear about where they need to invest to harness the economic recovery.  Instead, they are taking a "wait and see" attitude while their competitors pounce on new markets and innovations.
How can you harness the economic recovery and create a more sustainable company…and perhaps even position your business for sale in the future?

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