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One of the biggest obstacles to marketing innovation and relevancy sits between our ears.

One of the biggest obstacles to marketing innovation and relevancy sits between our ears. I call it “legacy thinking.” My clients constantly complain that their teams over-identify with old projects and programs. They feel threatened when those programs need to be scrutinized or eliminated altogether. That “legacy thinking” overshadows any chance of a marketing innovation breakthrough.

We advise CMOs and CEOs on accelerating marketing innovation and growth, and I’m excited when clients can overcome this obstacle.

Their journey is similar to the disruption other industries are facing….

It’s finally summer here in the Washington, DC region. Now is the time to schedule “innovation vacations” to unplug, reflect, and savor the great outdoors.

Instead of asking you “what’s on your reading list?,” I’m curious to know “What’s on your watch list?”

You will find some cool videos below that we just released. Check out the three complimentary marketing innovation videos below from our annual CMOs Leading Innovation Conference. …

It’s not you, it’s them. So put your focus on building strong customer relationships.


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Let’s be honest. In today’s volatile economy, strategic growth planning and marketing innovations are easily pushed aside in favor of reactively averting poisonous arrows and perilous moats. 

Those hazards continuously threaten us—and often appear from a surprise enemy. How many of us keep putting our foot on the gas and have not slowed down to finesse these dangerous conditions?

We may not be able to control unforeseen events and demanding clients. What we can control is how we respond. It starts with arming ourselves with knowledge and confidence.

Knowledge begins by understanding the most common pressures our clients are facing:

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