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As a marketing leader, do you ever feel like the tree that fell in the forest—you just don’t know if anyone can really hear you? It’s challenging to win the hearts and minds of the C-suite. One reason may be that your company’s old perception of marketing prevents you from reaching your true potential.

Lisa Nirell

How often do you review your product and services portfolio to invest more in what's working, and get rid of what's not working? Some of your choices – especially if you lead a successful organization — will not be popular. Yet they could be the difference between success and survival.

Let's look at Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of Newsweek Daily Beast, and her recent decision. In late 2012, she announced that they would stop distributing the Newsweek print edition. Their continued market decline forced Brown to make a tough decision. Brown announced that they would transfer print subscribers to Newsweek digital, and invest more in The Daily Beast news site.

As a marketing leader, are you feeling pressure to drive higher top line revenues, yet lack the authority and influence to make it happen?

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