10 Reasons to Make Marketing Innovation CLIC

The CLIC '15 CMO Power Panel: Creating Marketing Innovations in Mature Markets
We are in countdown mode for our 2nd annual CMOs Leading Innovation Conference. This year’s theme is “the need for innovation speed.”
Marketing leaders from across the US have chosen this conference to accomplish several goals:
  • Discover fresh new ways to accelerate innovation within their organizations
  • Deepen peer relationships
  • Leverage technology to foster innovation and expand customer relationships
  • Accelerate the migration from “order taker” to “innovator”
With a tip of the hat to talk show impresario, David Letterman, here are 10 reasons why this conference will make marketing innovation CLIC for our attendees–and may do the same for you:
  1. You will spend time outdoors and learn how nature adapts. Part of our agenda includes a beekeeper tour. Airlie Retreat Center cultivates beehives, and the local scientist will educate us on how they’re thriving.
  2. We will enjoy time unplugged. Our conference center sits at the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains. Based on our client feedback, we have added more free time into the agenda for strolling and reflection (read: turning off mobile devices and enjoying the fall foliage). When did you last invest 1 1/2 days reflecting and designing the future?
  3. You’ll be able to compare your innovation strategies to your peers. Participants represent a wide range of organizations, including real estate, SaaS companies, commercial banking, property management, venture capitalists, nonprofits, associations, hospitality, and software consulting. Cross-pollination of ideas (excuse the pun) triggers incredible innovations. Besides, many of our clients are tired of attending analyst conferences where they recycle the same ideas and talent that their competitors are deploying.
  4. Virtual reality will make an appearance. Any marketing leader who cares about their company’s brand and content strategy will need to know how this technology innovation will impact their customer and community interactions. Andy Yost, CMO of Gannett/USA Today Networks, will walk us through their rapid transformation from publishing to media.
  5. You will be eligible to win a door prize valued at over $1000. Yes, you must be present to win. No, I’m not divulging any details.
  6. You might get 15 minutes of fame. For the second consecutive year, CMO.com (An Adobe company) is our exclusive media partner. Contributing Editor Steve Cook will be interviewing several of our speakers and panelists to share their innovation journey with their 40,000+ subscribers.
  7. You’ll learn from the Zen master of idea generation, Mark Levy. He is my marketing muse, my small-levy-059publishing guru, and one of the funniest people I know. You’ll learn something he taught me when we kick off the morning with “How to generate new ideas while sitting at your desk.” Attendees receive an autographed copy of his best seller, Accidental Genius.
  8. You will dramatically expand your sphere of influence and network. These are leaders who are passionate about helping others and lifelong learning. Believe me, that’s not the case with every CMO. A few years ago, I invited a local “rock star” CMO to one of our live events. He immediately declined. Wonder why? “I only attend conferences when I am the keynote speaker.” We stopped inviting him.
  9. You will gain new strategies from both startup and grownup marketers. How does marketing remain innovative and relevant as a company grows? You’ll find out from Southwest Airlines’ Heather Figallo (our resident “grownup” marketing innovator) and WeddingWire’s Sonny Ganguly (our “startup marketing” guru).
  10. We are serving wine and craft beers at our Welcome reception, October 20. What else do you need to know?
Hats off to our wonderful sponsors. WIthout them, we would have never been able to create this unique and dynamic conference:
Visit www.cmoclic.com for more details and registration information. Why wait another year to make innovation CLIC?
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