Recognizing CLIC ’17 Beacon Award winners

These three exceptional CMOs are shining stars

One of the highlights of CMOCLIC is recognizing the extraordinary examples of leadership and marketing innovation in our community. We honored three individuals with Beacon Awards at CMOCLIC17, and I’m delighted to share their stories here as well.

Lisa Presents Jamie Gorski with a Beacon AwardBeacon Award Winner #1: Jamie Gorski, CMO, Bozzuto

Imagine waking up every morning asking this question: “how can I create a sanctuary for our customers?” That’s how a purpose-driven leader thinks.

Jamie travels across the U.S. to inspire and educate other CMOs. When I meet other CMOs in their industry—no matter what state I’m in—they know her! One CMO said “Jamie is in a whole other league.”

In the spirit of promoting shared knowledge, she constantly nominates great speakers and new members to join our private communities—13 referrals, at last count.

Jamie has funded digital campaigns that are worthy of 31 industry awards AND COUNTING.

A mathematician at heart, this CMO is also an avid photographer and athlete. I am privileged to call this person my dear friend.

Lisa Presents Chip Coyle with a Beacon AwardBeacon Award winner #2: Chip Coyle, CMO, Infor

Chip joined the Marketing Leaders group way back when we were just a handful of members. He recently modeled our value of “promoting shared knowledge and experiences” by teaming up with ANOTHER member—the SVP of Marketing from Destination DC—to organize their next customer conference! He has also invited me to work on several occasions with their teams on innovation and customer related events.

Chip is a navigator. He not only navigates the complexity of marketing over 100 products to over 90,000 customers in a hotly contested B2B space with calm and ease. He also navigates rough weather and road conditions — and as a result, he has completed 30 marathons.

Another value Chip models is BEING PRESENT. When he misses a meeting, he will call in from the train or the airport, never missing a chance to contribute. Chip sends us regular updates on his progress.

Beacon Award winner #3: Daniela Campari, former CMO, American Cancer Society (now an innovation consultant at Kimberly-Clark)

“Marketers want to tell people about their product so that they will buy it, but customers want to hear stories that they want to share.” These are the words wisely said by Daniela. She models one of our values—being REAL—by sharing her recent career challenges with our group. This CMO communicates with head and heart.

Daniela honors our group value of being RESPONSIVE through her generous referrals. Before we even had our Atlanta community off the ground, she introduced me to 8 CMOs and influencers.

Daniela spent her career with some of the world’s most recognized brands: Mars, Kimberly-Clark, and the American Cancer Society. Her journey of parenthood, global travel, and kicking cancer to the curb inspires many.

You can read more about this year’s program and its focus on marketing innovation here. This recap post shares highlights from our marketing keynote speakers.

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