The antidote to holiday fatigue — of all kinds

New habits to invoke the true meaning of "holiday spirit"

Several of our clients have expressed holiday and end-of-year fatigue. Politics, natural disasters, and consumerism have taken their toll in 2017.

It’s easy to be swept into the holiday commercialism and hype, and forget the initial purpose of the holiday season: to reflect and celebrate with the people we love. We look at the e-commerce sales growth (17% over 2016), and think it’s our duty to join the fray; to shop until we drop. It can be consumerism at its worst.

That’s why I’m keeping this update upbeat and short. I want to invite you to take  a breather from holiday fatigue, and spend 2 minutes reflecting on what worked in your performance in 2017.

To get things rolling, let me start.

Here’s what excited me about 2017, and what worked: our CMO communities and clients are thriving. We’re not just talking about financially thriving. We’re talking about their states of mind, their health, and their community strength. More and more members from multiple industries and cities are sharing career advice, building stronger teams, and making sense of the MarTech maelstrom. We helped them gain media attention on, MKTGinsight, and other platforms.

I have also been spending more time as a radio and podcast guest. Clients tell me they find this a useful learning medium and a source of business inspiration. I was a guest on several podcasts, as well as the acclaimed Dana Barrett Show in Atlanta. One of my favorite conversations happened last month on the “Take the Lead” Radio Show. Dr. Diane Hamilton really did her homework, which I appreciated (you can jump to minute 34; podcast runs about 20 minutes).

In this podcast, we covered several business and personal topics:

  • My exciting new alliance with LinkedIn Learning (
  • The common confusion around marketing innovation principles
  • My dubious high school award
  • Tough lessons from my career crossroads
  • My favorite swim destinations
  • The qualities of lifelong learning communities

Here is the link to the 20-minute show. Our segment starts at 34:55.

And finally, I chose to step away from my normal, hectic holiday shopping. I avoided most of the holiday fatigue I normally experience. Instead, I started donating to our favorite causes early this year. I made calls, scheduled “catch up” meetings, booked a winter swim vacation with Magnus in Panama, and wrote handwritten notes to the people who inspire me.

While that may not be the best approach for everyone, it removed the consumerism and stress of the holidays that I normally experience.

Hug your loved ones, stay grateful, and hold intentions for a peaceful holiday season.


P.S. We just uploaded new (and free) content showcasing the findings our CMO Innovation Trends white paper. Get your copy here.

Copyright 2017, Lisa Nirell

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