Book Review: The Wonderful Life of a Wise Guy

I’ve just left the SXSW 2019 mashup in Austin, Texas. And what a joyful maiden voyage it was. In addition to the unlimited buffet of mind-bending sessions and festooned characters, I reconnected with my friend Guy Kawasaki.

Guy has just released his 15th book, Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life. And what a wise autobiography it is.

Lisa & Guy catch up at SXSW 2019 – Austin TX

Here’s why you need to buy copies for your teams, your high school and college grads, and yourself.

Unfiltered stories, photo galleries, and self-deprecating humor fill the pages. This makes Guy’s book a fun and entertaining read, not a bunch of pedantic life prescriptions.

It’s simply refreshing to hear from a marketing genius who isn’t full of himself. Who admits his mistakes and missteps. He invests time in self-reflection, and it’s for the betterment of his readers.

Here are some of my favorite highlights from Wise Guy:

* Each chapter ending features one of his “shaka moments” — his Hawaiian version of an aha moment. These are snippets of advice that capture his philosophy on career, community, and relationships.

* You’ll get a giggle out of his Jackie Chan lookalike story. It illustrates how Guy refuses to take himself too seriously–and doesn’t regard himself as an industry “celebrity.” These endless stories of humility and humor make for a collection of vignettes that illustrate a life well-lived.

* Most of his previous books focus mostly on entrepreneurship, marketing, and his halcyon Apple days. Wise Guy is different. It’s appropriate for all ages. Guy shares his diversified job experiences–and proves that variety brings joy and deepens self-awareness.  That’s why I suggest giving copies to high school grads and college students who are in the throes of career exploration or indecision.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Guy on my book projects. We have also shared the keynote stage at conferences. We have become friends and mutual fans. I can truthfully say that Wise Guy reflects his true, “no bull-shiitake” style.

In a world replete with celebrity worship and big egos, it’s a refreshing change.  Get your copies now!

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