Amazon is Poaching Your A Players

Here are some strategies to prevent your best marketers from leaving

The Amazon hiring machine, which promises to add 25,000 new jobs in DC the coming decade, has arrived with great fanfare. With 3.7% unemployment in our region, hiring and retention is on every leader’s mind.

Local, smaller firms have good reason to be are worried. Sadly, many are still in denial.

Thankfully, our clients are thinking differently. They are being proactive and creative. They are not following the hiring herd.

This month, our private Marketing Leaders of DC™ discussion focused on how CMOs can dramatically improve their ability to attract top candidates—even when Amazon is invading your space.

Roberta and Lisa – matching blouses was a bonus. Courtesy Jake Fabbri

My good friend Roberta Matuson joined us from Boston for our private gathering. She is the five-time bestselling author known as The Talent Maximizer®, and works with top brands such as Staples, Keurig, and LinkedIN. She provided very practical suggestions to prevent Amazon (and everyone else) from plucking out our marketing and leadership superstars.

In this 45-minute MP3, you will hear actionable strategies to:

  • Keep people during economic booms (contact Roberta for a link to her free Talent Assessment tool)
  • Apply a “secret shopper” tip that will prevent hiring pipeline leakage
  • Stop AI tools from stealing your best talent 
  • Find qualified, mature workers in places Amazon isn’t looking
  • Discover the power of boomerang hiring

Click here now for the replay.

Contact me now to see if our Marketing Leaders private peer groups are right for you.

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