Your Fresh Summer Picks

Today we celebrate Summer Solstice. Have you booked your summer R&R time?

It may feel like a bad idea right now. I get it.

We are navigating our way through two summer storms: the era of efficiency and double digit increases in layoffs in certain sectors. As of June 8, reported that 749 tech companies have laid off 202,399 people. That number was 164,709 for the full year ending 12/31/22.

That does not take into account the number of CMOs who have recently accepted temporary double digit pay cuts–to “take one for the team.”

When you hear those daunting numbers, it may be tempting to just put your head down, work harder, or play with generative AI.

Alas, AI is not a career savior. A strong personal brand combined with intentional networking generate career breakthroughs and personal growth. In these days of digital overload and FOMO, they require more attention than the next cool prompt engineering course.

I tested this hypothesis two weeks ago. I polled 161 marketing leaders who accepted a new role within the past 24 months. I wanted to know how they found the position.

The clear cut winning strategy? Peer and recruiter referrals resulting from intentional networking activities.

Finding a dream job — or keeping the great job you have — requires the ability to balance multiple activities: a strong community, a consistent online presence, and a crystal-clear personal brand.

Very few leaders invest in all three areas. And neglect leads to stagnation.

Don’t let neglect fuel isolation and limit your potential. Here are some tips:

1. Schedule 20 sacred minutes per week to focus on your career health. If you think you are too busy, be curious. Is that really true, or is it your limiting belief talking? Thank your inner critic for sharing, then replace with a more empowering belief. They need taming because they never leave us!

(My biggest saboteur is the Over-Achiever. They can be exhausting).

If your career saboteur constantly runs the show, hire a coach or therapist.

2. Seek out groups who fill your soul. Ask them to explain their mission and values. Avoid free virtual networking and dinner clubs as your primary career boosters. The Hollywood Squares-style drop-in gatherings offer limited return on effort.

3. Put some skin in the game. Find groups who will hold you accountable. That’s a requirement in our peer communities.

Why this matters: Before you start searching, it’s important to know what you really want. Peer groups fall into two categories: 80% social/20% business, and vice-versa.

Since Salesforce terminated The CMO Club, some new peer groups have launched. Some group founders hold down other paid, full-time corporate jobs while hosting these casual, low cost supper clubs. They may be ideal if you seek out a social club or part time facilitator. And not so ideal if you want to delve into your strategic plan or board prep materials. Ask before you join.

Here are some career summer picks…

When I am not hosting peer groups, coaching, or speaking, I’m creating content. I have built a hefty learning library over the past 13 years. I may have been remiss in telling you!

In addition to creating 108 e-courses, podcasts, books and livestreams. They are designed for aspiring CMOs, seasoned CMOs, job seekers and high performing growth leaders.

I also realize it’s summertime, and you don’t have time to sift through them all. That’s why I am sharing the most in-demand resources here:

LinkedIn Learning Course – The Effective CMO (68 minutes total).

“The On Ramp to Marketing Leadership” – ideas to help you get promoted, think more strategically, and add more value to your stakeholders (39 minutes).

How Marketing Should Engage with the CEO – with guest Jim Schleckser (41 minutes). Timeless advice to reduce friction and generate positive financial flow.

What’s Your Marketing Innovation Melody? Featuring clients Monique Elliott, Shane McCarthy, and Eric McCarthey (38 minutes).

Cultivating a healthy company starts with cultivating longevity. Your habits set the tone for your teams, stakeholders, and loved ones. Dr. Peter Attia’s new book, Outlive, transformed my approach to sleep, diet, exercise, balance, alcohol intake, and emotional health. Get your copy here.

Summer fun depletes nutrients. I’m a fan of sugar free electrolyte drinks. I add electrolyte powder to my morning and afternoon water bottles to avoid muscle fatigue. Check out the tasty Key Nutrients flavors here. A great alternative to soda, juice or Gatorade.

Still need inspiration to go outdoors and MOVE? Find inspiration on The North Face’s YouTube channel. Their athlete stories remain at the top of my subscription list.

Here’s to you, lifelong learner! Shine on.


P.S. Some final thoughts…

1. My Amazon affiliate product recommendations do not replace professional medical advice. Find what works for you.

2. Would you like additional product recommendations in future e-news issues? I’m happy to share programs and products that promote healthy sleep, nutrition and emotional well-being. Let me know.

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