New Video: Mindful Marketing in Tough Times

Lisa joins Robert Middleton in this dynamic webinar.

Lisa Nirell recently joined Robert Middleton’s “Going Radically Virtual Series” to talk about the need for mindful marketing in these challenging times. Click here to listen (skip to 25:16).

Photo courtesy of Robert Middleton and ActionPlan Marketing

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

What is Mindful Marketing? – 29:00

3 Major Challenges in Today’s Environment: Protect, Preserve, and Prepare – 32:14

5 Strategies for Keeping and Attracting Great Clients – 36:58

Mindful Meetings and Managing “Zoom Fatigue” – 45:22

Pragmatic Optimism and the Art of Experimentation – 58:25

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This week on the podcast “Confessions of a Marketer,” Mark Reed-Edwards interviews Lisa on a timely topic, the key tenets of “Being a Mindful Marketer. ” They also talk about data and how to make your organization healthier and more sustainable. Click here to listen (skip to 2:14 to avoid ads).


Tune in for some of the podcast highlights:…

5:38 – Why connection is all that really matters.
7:11 –

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Has your inbox felt like a junk box this week? Mine certainly has. Many retailers, lenders and hospitality companies are dispensing pablum. Every message sounds identical: “We know it is a difficult time, and we are here for you.” Every CMO and PR professional behind this insipid messaging needs to re-examine where they are expending their energy.

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