How we shifted our business model to help more clients

A lot is happening behind the scenes at EnergizeGrowth®.

Since you have been a loyal follower of my work—some of you for 18 years—I wanted you to know what we are changing, and how it might benefit you.

Let’s face it–COVID is a curse.

It’s an economic curse. It’s a social curse. And it’s an emotional curse.

Yet it’s also a blessing.

It has forced every conscious, growth-minded leader to step back, distance themselves from others, lower the cacophony in their lives, and reflect.

With self-reflection comes choice. Sometimes those choices are difficult. Yet some can be energizing and life-affirming.

Lisa and Tracey Mustacchio taking a pandemic coffee break, May 2020.

The same is true for me. COVID forced me to evaluate my business model from top to bottom. And as we approach the six-month mark, I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish so quickly.

Within three weeks of the March COVID spread, Callyn and I brainstormed. We created new offerings to help our community and validated our ideas with our clients. Then we launched them quickly.

What made us successful? The advice from a trusted colleague: we looked at the needs of our clients within a short-term (6-12 month) horizon, while maintaining an eye on their future needs…What we could create in 12-36 months?

We designed programs—some paid, some free—to help people facing these most common hurdles. I’d like you to know about these offerings and identify which situation best describes you:

If you are facing extreme financial hardship or significant revenue loss:

We are expanding our library of planning and leadership resources…

  1. I have launched weekly Mindful Marketer Life Streams on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can join us from 1:30-2:10 pm ET on the first three Fridays of the month.

    Our topics will help you retain your customers, make faster, better decisions, become more resilient, and discover new business opportunity. Amazing guests will include Martin Lindstrom, Bruce Turkel, Peter Winick, Shama Hyder, Amanda Setili, and Robbie Baxter!

    Follow me on LinkedIn, or type #lnlive in the Search box to find our replays or join the live sessions.

    This benefits you because you can post your questions and interact with us at no charge.

    You can also find our livestream replays here. 

  2. In addition, we have created a COVID learning library on my blog.
    Here are links to just a few of our COVID related topics and free resources:

    The Pandemic Pause: 5 Qualities of a Mindful Marketer
    Mindful Marketing and Thriving During the Pandemic (Video)
    Pandemics and the Power of Proprietary Research 

If you face a Career Crisis or Transition:

Don’t go it alone, or risk getting lost on LinkedIn. Contact me to schedule a complimentary, confidential career strategy session to explore how I might help.

Since 2002, I have advised and coached hundreds of C-Suite executives to help them:

  • Develop an exciting, future career vision and “signature story”
  • Weave their strengths into their next career move
  • Create a strong accountability framework and network to accelerate success
  • Align their career with their desired lifestyle
  • Tap into my global network to make new connections

Here’s what clients have achieved:

  • Radically more time to focus on the right opportunities
  • Big leaps in self-confidence and personal value proposition
  • Features in Inc., FastCompany, and Forbes (not a “pay to play” arrangement)
  • Job offers through my network (I cannot guarantee, but I can connect!)

If you are a CMO or VP who is experiencing isolation, brand crisis, board pressures to deliver value, or revenue stagnation:

Consider applying to our private peer community. We have taken the community national! During our incubation period, we focused on Washington, DC and Atlanta. COVID taught us that location matters less.

We have helped CMOs drive as much as 20% improvement in pipeline performance, and coached them to become true growth champions. You can read our member stories here.

That’s the game we’re playing now. And our model will change again when the pandemic has subsided. We remain open, flexible, and optimistic.

The next six months may not be easy, but they will give us permission to shift and grow. I hope you will join us on this leadership journey and step into a bigger game.

Together, we can create opportunities that were once unimaginable.

If not now, when?

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