Join us for Mindful Marketer Friday Live Streams

I am still catching up from my summer getaways to Boone, NC and the Vermont Kingdom.

I really enjoyed my open water swim trip to the pristine, expansive Vermont lakes near the Canadian border. I logged just seven miles over three days, but it was enough to cleanse some of the COVID cobwebs.

You may recall that our last issue outlined the behind-the-scenes happenings at EnergizeGrowth®. Since that time, we created a new Live Stream series and events page and it’s full of great advice and content for these pandemic times.

We designed this series to help you discover new customer opportunities, increase employee and customer engagement, strengthen your brand, and prepare for the recovery.

Join us for our weekly Mindful Marketer Life Streams on Facebook or LinkedIn. Pick your favorite platform. Our live streams run from 1:30-2:10 pm ET on the first three Fridays of the month.

We also share the recordings and our upcoming schedule and archives here.

Our guests include Martin Lindstrom (this Friday!), General “Mick” Nicholson (9/11), Bruce Turkel, Blackbaud CMO Catherine La Cour, Peter Winick, Shama Hyder, Amanda Setili, and Robbie Baxter!

Follow me on LinkedIn to join the live sessions.

And here is an added bonus: you can post your questions and interact with us during the livestream. My best clients are inviting their teams and using the sessions as professional development opportunities.

Enjoy the remaining gifts and moments of summer. And please follow the scientists’ advice.

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