A quick, 45 second favor

Fifteen months ago, I received an email that would forever change my business.

Marshall Goldsmith announced that I was selected into the 100 Coaches community. This is an esteemed global confab of business thinkers, authors, CEOs, and academic leaders.

My fellow 100 Coaches advise the titans of business, save lives (yes, really!), turn around failing companies, fuel entrepreneurship, lead nonprofits, and more. It is both humbling and energizing to spend time with them every week; albeit virtually.

It feels AMAZING to be recognized in our fields by our peers.

To that end, I have a 45 second favor to ask.

Every two years, Thinkers50 ranks the world’s top management thinkers. In addition, several individual awards are given for distinguished achievement in global thought leadership.

Thinkers50 has partnered with 100 Coaches, and they have an open nomination process. The process closes August 1 (on my birthday!). This is where you can nominate me for both the list itself, and a special award.

If you have been enjoying my work, I would be very grateful if you would nominate me.

Also, if you feel so moved, please enter my name for the “Ranking” section. You can scroll down to type in my name for the “Ideas into Practice Award.”

Again, here is the nomination link.

This is a big year for me…

  • My 60th birthday
  • 20 years in business
  • and 1 year as a full-on live streamer (July 9 is our livestream birthday party!)

Let’s keep celebrating together.

In case you have missed our Life Streams (in partnership with LinkedIn Learning), check out the schedule here. We have 40 episodes ready for your viewing pleasure, and an incredible lineup of guests. We take your live questions and make it easy to fit into your lunch/dinner time schedule (1:30-2:10 pm ET).

Thank you for keeping our mission alive and strong: helping marketing leaders and CEOs build sustainable companies and better lives.

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