The term “legacy” is simply outdated – and ruining your growth potential

A conversation with Alan Weiss [livestream]

The dictionary defines “legacy” as leaving an inheritance or property after death. That term is simply outdated.

We need to make an impact while we are alive and vibrant. And I believe that CMOs are not the only leaders who should consider a new approach to living their legacy. Here’s why…

Today, our teams and loved ones no longer expect a clear, predictable, 20 year strategic plan. Those days are over. 

They want to follow courageous leaders with a growth mindset. 

And a growth mindset begins with our clarity of purpose and a desire to live a meaningful life TODAY. 

We are more capable than you think, too. Look at the crises we have endured, and our own resilience. In just a 20 year time span, we have witnessed massive social unrest,  9/11, the pandemic, and economic volatility.

And we are still here. Our economy continues forward. Innovations abound. Families continue to gather, shift gears, and re-invent their future. Within the past day, I reconnected with two business colleagues between 61-64 years young. Both have redesigned their careers, relocated to new cities, and built a new community. They are flourishing.

Those two men taught me that our reactions to a crisis can either be a beacon of courage for others to follow–or a trail of victimhood that they would rather circumnavigate.

As we look to expand our marketing organizations, or reach new growth targets in the post-pandemic economy, we should seriously consider our mindset and our daily leadership habits.

My mentor, Alan Weiss, understands legacy at a visceral level. In his latest book, Your Legacy is NOW, he proffers an entirely new approach to developing a legacy:

“What you create every day influences people, hopefully positively. Your age is a new page in your book. And the question is: is it the same page as yesterday, is the page blank, or is someone else writing that page for you? That, to me, is the metaphor for legacy.”

Watch the LinkedIn Live replay now.

We cannot let a good crisis go to waste. Today is the ideal time to re-write our career and life “playbook,” not when facing our demise.

Here’s what you will learn in this episode:

✔️ If you want to be a game-changer, follow “The Lobster Principle”.  Alan has spent four decades as a profound storyteller. He shares how we can learn a lot from crustaceans and how they molt.

Strong leaders are willing to be vulnerable. They are willing to shed old beliefs, habits, and mistakes. That’s how they can achieve massive growth and inspire others to do the same.

✔️ We don’t need careers; we need a calling. We have limited time on this Earth. We can start today to take small actions that fulfill a purpose and give us meaning. We cannot outsource this; nobody else can do it for us. “When you have a calling, you’re fearless; you have passion, you seek it diligently. And in doing so, you help others.”

✔️Jettison the term “new normal” from your vocabulary. Alan says, “What we want is deliberate disruption. There is no ‘new normal;’ there is ‘no normal.’”(A term he has trademarked). We want to create not unhealthy turmoil but positive and creative volatility so that we all advance. If you are not innovating, you’re not growing.”

Disruption and volatility are now part of the zeitgeist. Embrace them.

✔️  Your Legacy is NOW could be the catalyst you need to confidently emerge from the crisis cocoon. He unpacks how we’ve got to write our stories now, not when everything is perfect or until when things go smoothly:

“What you create every day influences people, hopefully positively. Your age is a new page in your book. The question is: Is the same page as yesterday, is the page blank, or is someone else writing that page for you? That, to me, is the metaphor for legacy. Be more intentional, meaningful, and mindful.”

I encourage you to purchase a journal and start asking “WTF (What’s the Future) I want to create?” Not what will you DO…or what will you BUY…but What experiences do you want to create for yourself and others? 

Then ask “What have I done today to create my modern legacy?”

Your responses might just help you molt into something new and extraordinary.

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