Staying Calm in a Toxic World

The flurry of business activity– market selloffs, marketing planning, and volatile “back to work” policies—are putting a lot of us on edge. 

It’s even worse when you are faced with toxic team members or bosses. 

In this #Newsweek Livestream with Dorie Clark, I provide two steps you can immediately take to create more calm amidst the chaos:

  1. Tell yourself a little mantra: “poise begins with a pause.” Set your clock and pause for one minute before your next big meeting.
  2. Put a five-minute wedge in between your meetings, stop, reflect and write down:
    • “What worked in that meeting?”
    • “What didn’t work in that meeting?”
    • “And for my next meeting, what are my intentions?”

Learn more in the full episode with my friend and business colleague @DorieClark. And I promise you will feel more calm at the end of the program. 

And a hearty thanks to the 1400+ viewers who have joined us so far!

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