Dinner Plates vs. Spinning Plates

If you’re searching for a new role, or awaiting that much-deserved promotion, you’re subject to career plate spinning.

NY Times bestselling author, Charlene Li
NY Times bestselling author, Charlene Li

Pivots. The messy middle. Liminality. Transformation. Transitions.

As a leader, you’re often juggling two sets of spinning plates: Your career transitions or advancement, and dancing with digital disruption.

This issue of The Mindful Marketer contains two important, yet distinct resources to address them: a cohort invitation, and proven strategies for mastering career transitions.

Stop Digital Plate Spinning.

Experimentation and agile marketing are essential for modern marketers. But random plate spinning wastes your precious energy. For example, I get triggered by self-proclaimed LinkedIn experts who encourage us to “just play with AI tools.”

Strategic thinking and prioritization get short shrift. These trite remarks treat market facing leaders like short order cooks versus Michelin-starred chefs.

That’s why I’m thrilled that Charlene Li is joining us May 1 in New York City for our private dinner discussion on “Bridging the Generative AI Leadership Gap.

NY Times bestselling author, Charlene Li

While most market-facing executives recognize the transformative potential of generative AI, many grapple with how to effectively integrate it into their organization’s strategy. Charlene will outline a clear roadmap to close the gap between AI awareness and action.

You will also be one of the first to receive her newest book, Winning with Generative AI: The 90 Day Blueprint for Success!

Before you buy an enterprise AI license, tackle privacy and AI council concerns, or unwittingly put customer data and privacy in peril, consider joining us at CLIC ’24. Our faculty will help you build your strategic thinking muscles and reduce risk.

Check out the CLIC ‘24 agenda and registration links here.

Career Plate Spinning.

If you’re searching for a new role, or awaiting that much-deserved promotion, you’re subject to career plate spinning.

I’ve witnessed many client examples lately…

  • One client accepted a CEO role at a Los Angeles-based firm. They mutually agreed to delay their start date by just 45 days. Yet the board chair immediately pressured them to speak at customer events and join board discussions.
  • The head of growth at a B2B company accepted a new role in Boston. They booked a 10-day ski trip prior to onboarding. Yet their well-intentioned friends sent them books to “kick start their first 100 days.”

I’m dizzy from these stories!

What I recommend is contrary to Western work norms: stop plate-spinningIn my recent LinkedIn newsletter, I have outlined the case to embrace the power of the pause.

You will gain a greater appreciation for navigating the grief gauntlet. It’s real and deserves recognition.

In this issue, you’ll learn why a zealous desire to impress can limit your impact on the new organization. Discover three strategies and planning tools to prevent splintered career shards and master your transition.

Join us at the table. Leading transformations, both personal and organizational, demand reflection and ritual. The future belongs to the sages and strategists.

PS CLIC ’24 registration closes April 10. Secure your spot now.

This post was completely written by me — a human. I did not use generative AI.


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