How CMOs Are Spreading the ‘Customer Love’ in 2016

Love is in the air this month, and Valentine’s Day, of course, is likely responsible. Much about the genesis of the hCustomer Appreciation, Customer Loveoliday, and even who this St. Valentine was, is lost in the fog of time. One legend has it he was a priest in third century Rome who helped soldiers get married. Another tells the tale of the imprisoned Valentine who, having fallen in love with his jailer’s daughter, sent her a letter signed, “From your Valentine,” a phrase used to this day.

What does any of this have to do with marketing? Well, it got me wondering just how many CMOs are thinking about customer appreciation and engagement in a way that would make whichever St. Valentine you ascribe to proud.

So I spent several weeks asking CMOs across North America, “How are you showing customer love this year?” It may be easy for an individual salesperson or VP of customer service to answer this question—but what about a CMO?

In my latest article, I share six examples that should spark some fresh ideas for your customer appreciation and branding programs in 2016. The results show how customers reward brands handsomely for the caring, memorable experiences they create.

Here are the examples of customer appreciation and loyalty programs covered in the article:

  • How legacy brand Church’s Chicken, led by CMO Mark Snyder, is attracting younger consumers through the competitive and achievement-based content that resonates with them
  • How digital workspace enablement company RES, led by CMO Tracey Mustacchio, has mastered the art of Customer Advisory Boards to drive impressive results—contributing to their 29% year-over-year growth (Disclosure: RES is a client.)
  • How Mammoth Resorts’ CMO Erik Forsell has built a robust community experience, raised cancer awareness, and created brand ambassadors through their award-winning #MammothBeanie campaign
  • How Andrew Dixon, Igloo Software’s SVP of marketing and operations, and his team create strong client connections and loyalty by celebrating “customer holidays”
  • How specialty electronics retailer GameStop, led by CMO Frank Hamlin, is winning gamer loyalty and increasing sales by showcasing its competitive differentiators—passionate associates, a unique “insiders club” experience, and pre-order exclusives and programs
  • How Chili’s Grill & Bar’s CMO Krista Gibson and her team got well ahead of the mobile trend to serve up a tabletop technology program. You’ll hear how these tantalizing tablets enhance the dining experience and drive staggering customer survey response rates

Check out the complete article at, then share your examples of customer appreciation and engagement here. How are you spreading the customer love this year?

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