Spend the morning with “Wise Guy” Kawasaki

Join us at CLIC ‘19

Last week,we announced CLIC ’19 – The CMOs Leading Innovation Conference — is happening in San Francisco on December 5-6. This year’s theme – our 5th year!– is “Building an Innovative Marketing Culture.”

And here’s why we will sell out…

Guy Kawasaki, one of my mentors and longtime friends has just agreed to join our dynamic CLIC speaker lineup.

In this session, you’ll hear how this “Wise Guy” has taught millions of leaders and entrepreneurs his secrets for building innovative marketing cultures. Guy and I have collaborated for the past 17 years on a variety of book projects and live events. This year’s conference will be very special, because it marks our 5th anniversary of celebrating and advancing marketing innovation, and our speaker and participant lineup is simply amazing. Guy’s session will address “Curve-Jumping, Culture-Building, and the Art of Innovation.”

Hotel rooms are extremely limited. I would hate for you to miss out on this special gathering. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to introduce you to my incredible network of longstanding members, clients, and fellow authors.

You will experience rare moment in your career to ask Guy your toughest marketing innovation and leadership questions. We design a private, intimate gathering—no cameras, podiums, or PowerPoints. Just you and Guy, ready to tell the truth and change the world.

Guy Kawasaki

Remember – your Super Early Bird Rate expires on August 3. This conference is exclusively designed for CEOs, Marketing VPs, and CMOs. No pitching, product demos, or PowerPoints! Strictly pragmatic advice and stories to re-energize your marketing strategies for 2020 and beyond.

Please register before August 3 and save $250+. I promise you will miss out on this rare, interactive 1 ½ day program, exclusive idea sharing, networking, and highly discounted room rates at the Park Central Hotel.

If you want to start planning your flights, please know that Day 1 begins at 3 pm PT on Thursday, December 5. Day 2 (December 6) runs from 8:30 am -2:30 pm PT. This gives you time to fly home that evening, or to plan a fun weekend in the Bay Area.

Your registration fee will include continental breakfast, lunch on Day 2, and hotel. The lodging will be within 1 mile of our “innovation basecamp.”

CMO marketing solutions
Lisa & Guy share the keynote stage at TESSCO One, Phoenix AZ.

Get wise and join Guy (and your peers) in one of the most innovative locales on the planet!

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