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We recently surveyed our CMO members across North America to find out where they want to improve in 2015. One of the top 4 issues that CMOs want to address is their ability to manage priorities.

In my opinion, this issue isn’t just about time management. Sure, that is important. I believe we need to be fully aware of how we spend our time—and I talked about it extensively in my latest FastCompany post….

With the new year only weeks away, here it’s time to explore ways to stay ahead of the marketing curve in 2015. In my latest FastCompany post, store I share how marketing leaders can move away from “order taking marketing” and become visionary “market makers” with a strong voice in the C-suite.

Some key takeaways:

How to assess your value and how your peers perceive you
One step that can shift the leadership team’s perspective of your value forever
Trendspotting: Five areas to look for inspiration and insights
Three significant trends that will impact how marketers operate in 2015

You can read the entire FastCompany post here….

Ever wonder how some companies stand head and shoulders above their competitors–even though they operate in a highly competitive, drug if not commoditized, unhealthy market sector? My clients and I found some answers on

December 2.

I hosted our 10th private CMO reception in Bethesda, MD entitled “Customer Community is the New Marketing–Are CMOs Ready?” Our special guest, Wendy Lea, is the Executive Chairman of Get Satisfaction in San Francisco, CA….


In my previous video, click I discussed the reasons why marketing budgets are growing. And I stressed that expanded authority does not give marketing leaders license to fly at unsafe speeds.

Before you accept broader budget authority, pharm I recommend that you anticipate these three obstacles that may obstruct your flight path:

1. Under-estimating potential turf battles. Recently, information pills the CEO of a fast growth technology company told me that she has repeatedly witnessed the growing tensions between CMOs and IT….

It’s downright impossible to be viewed as a C-suite peer when you are heavily incentivized to complete tasks and projects. Things look even bleaker when you spend most of your day fulfilling time-sensitive requests from Sales to deliver better content, more about leads, hospital and events. One of the members of my private CMO community once told me: “It feels as if I am working in a McDonald’s drive through window.”

How do you know whether you are an order taker or a market maker?…

I was recently featured in Marketing Magnified, a monthly eJournal by the CMO Council, to discuss the EnergizeGrowth Annual CMO Trends Report.

In this in-depth Q & A session, we covered:…

The three main challenges faced by CMOs in mid-market companies
The key differences between this year’s and last year’s CMO Trends Report (including one that really surprised me!)
How to shift the conversation from “what drives revenue right now?” to “what drives lifelong customers?”
The three most important highlights from the study that marketers need to know…

I was recently interviewed for Business Info Guide – an online resource for Internet marketers and entrepreneurs – to discuss my newest book, price The Mindful Marketer. I was happy for this opportunity to share insights on how to thrive in the world of modern marketing.

Some key insights from the book:

Why it’s essential to shift from “tactical order taker” to “strategic market maker”
Finding the “middle path” between mindfulness and market acceleration
How constant connectedness and multitasking can contribute to less productivity, not more
The causes of and solutions for CEO and CMO misalignment

I also got to share my inspiration for writing the book, and what I enjoy most about what I do….


A wise person said “when the water is low, viagra sale the rocks appear.” Today, drugs the rifts between sales and marketing rise to the water’s surface and are more pronounced.

I found three factors that will help you reduce friction between sales and marketing and reach equanimity: Data, Roles, and Content.

The first challenge to sales and marketing harmony is data interpretation….

I recently sat down with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone of MarketingProfs to discuss The Mindful Marketer. During this conversation, we addressed:

The main causes of costly and mindless marketing activity
How I define mindful marketing
The origin of intentional language, and its implications for marketers
Distinctions between cognitive empathy and affective empathy–and why marketers should care about both
Simple shifts that marketers can make to become more mindful, effective and focused

This was one of the first interviews I experienced where we had no agenda, no outline, and no topics identified in advance–and it was one of my favorites!…

Are you a VP of Marketing or a CMO located in the Mid-Atlantic region?

If you are, you’re invited to a private CMO Discussion Group and Wine Reception entitled “Customer Community is the New Marketing: Are CMOs Ready?” The session happens on December 2 at Cesco Osteria in Bethesda, stomach MD from 5:15-7 pm.

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